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Annual report - Year 1

Our first annual report highlights the achievements, learning and activity of the first year of our Greater Manchester Ageing in Place Pathfinder. It is a story of the energy and commitment we have seen in all of our Pathfinder Partnerships and the work of the Pathfinder Lead Organisations to develop and anchor our resident-led Partnerships in nine neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester. It highlights how we have been working with partners across Greater Manchester to learn, develop our plan to sustain and scale and deliver an innovative neighbourhood approach to ageing well and tackling inequalities in ageing across our city-region.

Take a look: Ageing in Place Pathfinder: Annual Report Year 1 (2022-2023) (PDF, 1.85MB)

This document acts as a learning resource as part of our ambitions to both sustain the programme and scale across further neighbourhoods going forward, with support from Pathfinder leads and stakeholders across Greater Manchester and locally.   

The Annual Report includes content around:  

  • Details of our achievements across the year  
  • The ways in which the Pathfinder supports Pathfinder Partnerships to engage with local residents to ensure the voice of people in mid and later life is both heard and valued in the places they live 
  • How the Pathfinder supports Pathfinder leads to work spatially  
  • The ways the Pathfinder Partnerships bring residents and stakeholders together to create and deliver on local action plans to build strong and supportive neighbourhoods to improve connection, health and wellbeing in later life  
  • How the Pathfinder is working with partners from across Greater Manchester to deliver a neighbourhood approach to ageing well and tackling inequalities in ageing across our city-region  
  • Details of the activities and interventions the Pathfinder Partnerships have initiated  
  • How the Pathfinder works to sustain and scale the activity, building this in from the beginning with a Strategic Reform Group, additional funding through Falls Collaborative to support a Pathfinder, collaborations with Greater Manchester Culture teams and much more. 
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Article Published: 28/06/2024 09:43 AM