Tiny Happy People and Greater Manchester's Ten tips for Talking

Tiny Happy People is a venture designed to tackle the pre-school language and communication gap in Greater Manchester launched by the BBC.

The launch of Ten Tips for Talking supports the national rollout of the BBC’s Tiny Happy People campaign. The campaign includes a suite of free digital resources aimed at families and professionals working with pre-schoolers and comprises tips and advice, activities and short films to help close the pre-school language and communication gap.

Greater Manchester’s Ten Tips for Talking, is a set of evidence-based key messages for families, early years practitioners and the wider community which promotes interaction between young children and their families, from birth to age 5, to support early years development.

The Ten Tips for Talking are part of Greater Manchester’s school readiness work, which is funded by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. The ambitious programme aims to improve outcomes for young children and their families, and ensure every child achieves their potential.

Read more about the national launch

Find a full suite of resources on the BBC's website (External site - opens in new window)

Read about the Ten Tips for Talking (PDF, opens in new tab)

Greater Manchester's Ten Tips for Talking videos

Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 3

Tip 4

Tip 5

Tip 6

Tip 7

Tip 8

Tip 9

Tip 10