Community Hub Volunteer Application

During Covid-19 there has been a growing number of people across Greater Manchester volunteering their time to help in response to growing humanitarian needs. This increase in volunteer numbers has brought a heightened requirement to more effectively coordinate volunteer activity across the region, understand need and demand more clearly in real time and appropriately and effectively match volunteers with Community Hub activity.

The Community Hub App provides a platform that all parties involved in logging, assigning and volunteering can access, helping to coordinate contact between centres, Hub Managers and volunteers. The application also helps to collect the required information to match appropriate support to citizen need.  

The app can be rapidly deployed to localities, can be locally branded and should be used by those receiving requests for support from vulnerable citizens in community hubs to triage need, collect relevant information and assigning tasks to Hub Managers.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said: “Across Greater Manchester we have been overwhelmed with the community response to this pandemic. The number of individuals that continue to volunteer their valuable time to support the most vulnerable amongst us is humbling and demonstrates how our communities rally together in times of need. This community hub application has been developed to help manage the increase in volunteering and ensure effective coordination of volunteers to make sure timely support can be provided where it is needed most.”

If you are interested in rapidly deploying the app in your locality please email:

The app was developed by Bury and Rochdale Councils with partner organisations ANS and Microsoft and with support from the GMCA, has a data dashboard functionality providing local councils using it with access to invaluable insight into volunteer deployment, the pace of activity and changes in demand from citizens, to help improve decision making locally.

Article Published: 22/02/2021 11:00 AM