Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce

The Digital Inclusion Agenda for Change for Greater Manchester has a bold ambition to make Greater Manchester a 100% digitally-enabled city region. To deliver this ambition the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce was set up, bringing together our digital ecosystem of industry, VCSC sector, public sector partners, local government, schools and health to work together to fix the digital divide across Greater Manchester. 

Taskforce framework

The Digital Inclusion Taskforce have developed a framework which outlines the different types of activity that will contribute to the overall ambition for the Digital Inclusion Agenda. The framework breaks activity up into five key areas with collaboration and information sharing an integral part of all the priority areas. 

 The five activity areas are:   

  • Activity Area 1: Digital inclusion, insight and evidence 
  • Activity Area 2: Local and central Government engagement and policy  
  • Activity Area 3: Digital skills and capabilities for work, life and business  
  • Activity Area 4: Access to spaces, devices, connectivity and data  
  • Activity Area 5:  Social responsibility and responsible business 

The key outcomes the taskforce want to achieve from these activity areas are: 

  • Confidence, skills and motivation 
  • Affordability, accessibility and connectivity 
  • Strengthening approach and developing sustainable outcomes 
  • Empowering communities and places 

Register your interest in joining the taskforce (external website)

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