Digital Infrastructure

We will ensure that Greater Manchester has the digital infrastructure it needs to be a world class digital city region.

  • Remove bandwidth as a barrier to our social, economic and public sector reform objectives.
  • Deliver ubiquitous high speed digital connectivity over full fibre and 4G & 5G mobile across the whole city region by 2025.
  • Accelerate market investment by:
    • Extending network reach by connecting over 1500 public sector sites and assets with Full Fibre across Greater Manchester
    • Making public sector buildings and other assets available for infrastructure to support 5G roll out
    • Driving market investment in fibre and mobile by minimizing roll out costs through a prospectus agreed by Greater Manchester local authorities


Greater Manchester Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) Programme

Greater Manchester 5G and town-centre Wi-Fi programme

Greater Manchester Digital Infrastructure "Dig Once" Prospectus

Digital Infrastructure Strategy