We have pulled together some of the key milestones and achievements from Greater Manchester's cyber ecosystem over the last few years. To discuss addition to this timeline please email the GMCA Digital team.

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  • GCHQ's move to Greater Manchester was announced
  • GM Cyber Foundry was launched


  • BAE Systems Applied Intelligence sets up in Manchester
  • GCHQ's Manchester base was opened
  • GM Cyber Resilience Centre was launched¬†
  • SPRITE+ launched


  • GM AI Foundry was launched
  • Digital City Festival showcased cyber ecosystem
  • GM Cyber Resilience Centre partnered with GM Chamber of Commerce
  • GM Cyber resilience Centre partners¬†HOST to support SMEs
  • GM Digital Security Innovation Hub's operator was sought
  • HOST (The Landing) partnered with GM Cyber and GM AI Foundries.


  • International partnerships created between Greater Manchester and North Rhine Westphalia
  • GM Cyber showcased at Digital City Festival
  • GM Digital Security Innovation Hub consortium was appointed
  • The University of Manchester Centre for Digital Trust and Society launched
  • Inaguration of HOST Labs
  • HOST Cyber is launched
  • GM Cyber Resilience Centre rebrands as North West Cyber Resilience Centre
  • Roke opens a new cyber hub at Host
  • Sophos opens a new office in GM
  • North Rhine Westphalia / GM cyber roundtable
  • GM AI Foundry showcase event
  • University of Manchester announces new academic partnership with GCHQ

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