Early years digitisation

The Early Years digitisation project is a huge step forward for our city-region and will hugely boost our aim of giving children in Greater Manchester the best possible start in life. We've started by developing an ‘Early Years’ app that digitises the paper-based assessments currently used to review a child’s development up to the age of 2.5 years.

The Early Years App provides parents and carers of children across Greater Manchester with a digital application to complete assessments that are currently paper-based and ensures that parents and carers have access to both completed assessments and other supporting information completed by the professional and gives the user much more control over their own data.

The app is currently being used in Bury and Rochdale and can be deployed in other Greater Manchester localities. Please contact the team to discuss using the app in your area.

Early Years digitisation will see streamlined systems connect hundreds of Greater Manchester professionals such as health visitors and school health services with parents and carers, enabling them to work together to better support families. It is the first part of our wider digital platform that aims to ensure that digital access to public services is integrated and user-friendly.

Cllr Sean Fielding, GMCA Lead for Employment, Skills and Digital Lead, said: "In Greater Manchester we are dedicated to investing in digital transformation that benefits our residents. The new Early Years Application is helping to join-up our public services to help parents and carers access the support they need quickly and efficiently."

This work will also pave the way for other public service areas to digitally transform the service citizens receive, by digitising paper-based forms, joining up different parts of the system and sharing information safely and securely.

The Early Years Application is hosted on Greater Manchester’s Digital Platform, an advanced technology solution that allows data from multiple sources to be re-used by a variety of systems, allowing health and public sector professionals to use and share accurate and appropriate information at a quicker pace.

The Greater Manchester Digital Platform was created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. Reporting of this kind is has been developed by The GMCA and GMHSCP to support the transformation and digitisation of public services. The Digital Platform provides the infrastructure that can be rapidly adopted in other priority areas offering an exciting opportunity for this application to be rolled out across the city-region.

Watch Vicky McClung, Health Visitor, Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation

Watch Petra Hayes-Bowers, Service Manager, Children's Services, Bury

If you are interested in the early years application, or our work to give children the best start in life through digital, email the team.

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