The Government requires every local authority to produce plans that identify enough land to meet local housing and employment needs. It has given local authorities a deadline of December 2023 to have a local plan in place. The GMSF will help each local authority in Greater Manchester to meet this deadline. 

Since the last consultation 2019, Covid-19 has had a major impact on the way people live and work over the shorter term with a high degree of uncertainty over its impact in the long term. In response the Government has been very clear that we need to positively plan for recovery. The Prime Minister made his Build, Build, Build announcement at the end of June 2020 setting a context for England as we recover from Covid-19 

The Chancellor’s Statement at the beginning of July sought to kick-start the UK’s economic recovery. A three point Plan for Jobs was unveiled to support, protect and create jobs, with total fiscal support amounting to £30 billion.  Whilst the arrival of Covid-19 was not anticipated and its impact is very significant, our approach needs to be flexible to address unpredictable challenges that will arise over the course of any long-term strategy.

The approach to the delivery and implementation of our long term strategies and plans will need to recognise the potential for change that Covid-19 has and continues to create, and to maintain a level of flexibility to adapt while still providing a robust foundation on which to build and grow Greater Manchester.

Government has also been very clear that the pandemic is not a reason to pause plan preparation.