The Greater Manchester Housing Strategy identifies safe, decent and affordable housing as a priority so that homes fit the needs and aspirations of current and future citizens.

It sets strategic actions at a city region level, designed to maximise the impact of our collective efforts and to complement the huge amount of work and investment going on every day at district and neighbourhood level. The strategy is built on understanding the connections between housing, people and place, the need to invest in the homes we already have, and the importance of building the new homes we need.

The Greater Manchester Housing Strategy was approved by the GMCA on Friday 28 June 2019.

Greater Manchester Housing Strategy Implementation Plan

An Implementation Plan has been developed to steer and track progress in the delivery of the complex and wide-ranging agenda set out in the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy.

As with the Housing Strategy, the Implementation Plan deliberately focuses on actions, interventions and analysis where working at Greater Manchester level potentially adds value. The Implementation Plan therefore does not seek to capture the huge amount of work being done around Greater Manchester at district and neighbourhood level by local authorities and other partners. It captures activity already underway, as well as new lines of work to be commenced in coming months, and rates activity based on progress.

It is intended to maintain a six-monthly reporting cycle for the Implementation Plan, with updates taken to the Greater Manchester Planning and Housing Commission.

The Greater Manchester Housing Strategy Implementation Plan – December 2019 is available to download here.