The final stage of consultation will run from August 9, 2021 for 8 weeks, ending on October 3, 2021. However, the plan and evidence base has been available on these pages to view since July 12, 2021, this has meant that people have had time to view and familiarise themselves with the content before submitting responses. 

We are now at the 'Publication Stage' of this plan. It is the final stage of consultation before the plan goes to the Secretary of State who will then appoint an independent inspector or inspectors to examine the plan. 

The Publication Plan is the plan that the nine local authorities consider to be the plan they intend to submit to the Secretary of State for examination. This is a formal stage of consultation and at this stage of consultation we are asking you whether you think the Places for Everyone plan meets the 'tests of soundness'. 

The term 'sound' is used to describe a Local Plan that has been prepared in accordance with what Government expects of local planning authorities.

The tests of soundness will be explained in the consultation and you can also find more information about these in the FAQs and in the National Planning Policy Framework (

Representations can be made to the plan, no later than October 3, 2021, through our consultation portal on the GMConsult website.

You can also submit your comments to us either by email or post (details below). If you do this, please try to use the response form template provided, wherever possible:

To help you respond effectively we have produced a number of documents:

Template Response Form (Word, 44KB) - If you’d rather respond via a paper based form, instead of the online platform, please use this form.

Consultation Guidance Notes (PDF, 108KB)

What makes an effective representation? (PDF, 144KB) – download this presentation to see what makes an effective response to this consultation.

Documents List (PDF, 1.5MB) - A full and comprehensive list of all of the documentation produced as part of this plan, and where you can find it on these webpages.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 237KB) – These will be updated as the consultation progresses, trying to incorporate feedback as we go along. Scroll to the bottom of the document to see the recently added questions.

Glossary of Terms (PDF, 403KB) – there are lots of technical terms in this consultation, so hopefully this glossary will help to explain some of them. If something is missing that needs adding, let us know on

How to use MappingGM? (PDF, 837KB) - a simple, accessible guide to MappingGM, so they you can make the most of the tools available.

There are also a number of other supporting documents: 

Privacy Notice (PDF, 104KB)

Statement of Representation Procedure (PDF, 197KB)

Accessibility Disclaimer