What do we mean by gender-based violence?

In Greater Manchester we are adopting the term ‘gender-based violence’ to show our commitment to tackling the many forms of abuse, harm and violation that are directed, at least in part, by sexist expectations and which reinforce the sexual inequalities that most disadvantage women and girls.

Gender-based violence mainly affects women and girls, but not exclusively. Although it is important to recognise that anyone can become a victim of gender-based violence, it is also important to understand that gender-based violence is predominantly committed by men to women.

We also include harassment and violence directed at trans, gender-queer and non-binary people who are attacked for not conforming to gender norms as forms of gender-based violence.

In Greater Manchester, the Combined Authority and all the partner agencies and organisations that work with it, are committed to working with an inclusive definition of gender-based violence that recognises the many forms it can take and the multiple ways that other structures of inequality can make people vulnerable to it.