Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham set up the Greater Manchester High Rise Task Force to provide fire safety reassurance, building by building, and get us to a point where we can assure all residents their homes are safe, as quickly as possible.

Led by Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett, the taskforce includes landlords of tower blocks across the city region in both private and public ownership, as well as representatives from every local authority in Greater Manchester and other specialist officers who can offer support to ensure every high rise is safe and receives the right fire safety advice.

The work of the taskforce will also inform a Greater Manchester response to the national public enquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower.  This will look at a wide range of issues but importantly will assess the level of resource that the Fire and Rescue Service has following the cuts of recent years.

What we are doing:

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has completed the inspection of 500 residential high rises in Greater Manchester, to ensure they comply with fire safety regulations. Fire officers have been working with housing providers, local authorities and the private sector to ensure all buildings receive the right fire safety advice and residents feel safe in their homes. 

The taskforce has also set out proposals for a world class approach to fire safety across Greater Manchester, which includes a feasibility study into the retrofitting of sprinklers in residential high rises, a consistent Greater Manchester approach to fire safety, and a call for the fire and rescue service to be consulted at all stages of a building’s life cycle.

If any resident is concerned about fire safety in their building or fire safety advice given they should contact Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service by emailing,  visiting, or calling 0800 555815.

More information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service website.