Below is an overview of each training programme currently live arranged by industry. If you'd like to search for further Skills for Growth learning opportunities, use the GM Skills Map.

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Low Carbon Academy (Retrofit arm of North West Skills Academy)

Retrofit Skills Hub. This programme will support current construction workers and business owners to develop their knowledge and experience in a future-proof industry supporting Greater Manchester’s 2038 net-zero target. It will also support training providers to understand the need for retrofit.

North West Skills Academy

Construction Skills for Growth and Productivity. In particular courses will develop digital transformation, those in management roles and will encourage cross-trade upskilling such as training plumbers in plastering, so employees have more flexible abilities. 


UK Skills Academy (Sister organisation to North West Skills Academy) 

Digital Skills for Growth and Productivity. Digital knowledge and technical skills are becoming more important in a constantly evolving digital world. UK Skills Academy will offer level 3 and equivalent training as part of their Digital Skills for Growth and Productivity programme aimed at digital leadership and digital skills for business.


Digital Careers Upskill Programme. Not only is it important to upskill employees already working in the digital sector but it needs to be easier for employed people to transition into the industry. That’s what makes Serco’s programme special. There are two strands to the Digital Careers Upskill Programme focusing on these two priorities.

Health and social care

Acorn Training

Health and Social Care ESF Skills for Growth. The health and social care industry experienced challenges prior to Covid-19 pandemic. Acorn Training has curated a specialised programme to tackle these challenges, focusing on encouraging progression in the industry and teaching technical skills to support staff.


Instep UK

LEAN Manufacturing and Management Skills. Training will focus on giving managers and aspiring managers the knowledge they need to move towards a person-led way of working.

Technical training will also be provided to staff who need to learn about the tools and techniques needed for improved activity, such as mapping production processes, problem solving and making workplaces more efficient – otherwise known as ‘lean’ manufacturing.


Seetec Outsource

Skills for Growth - Logistics Skills for employers.
Skills for Growth - Logistics Skills for individuals.
The logistics industry is going through unprecedented and rapid transformation, paving the way for innovation and change. In a post-Brexit world, logistics businesses are also facing new challenges around the rules of import and export. 
Training will focus on upskilling in the planning, control and scheduling aspects of the sector as well as navigating new import and export processes. 

Cross-sector opportunities

The below training programmes are suitable for businesses working across a range of sectors. Training is not industry specific.

Project Management

Growth Company

Project Management for All ( Engagement with businesses has identified a need to upskill people with project management skills, particularly where individuals are not currently working in specific project management roles. This training could be relevant to smaller organisations where one person has more than one key responsibility.

The shift to home and hybrid working throughout the pandemic has dispersed staff, making project working and collaboration harder in many organisations. This training will focus on management and leadership qualities, as well as supporting learners with future progression into a project management role.