Youth Combined Authority

About the Youth Combined Authority

In his manifesto, the Mayor pledged to create a ‘Youth Combined Authority, representative of all the boroughs of Greater Manchester and reflecting its full diversity’.

At the Combined Authority meeting in September 2017, the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority (YCA) was approved by council leaders – the first of its kind in the country. The Youth Combined Authority held their first meeting in February 2018. The aim of the Youth Combined Authority is to give young people in Greater Manchester the opportunity to have their voices heard and influence GMCA policy and decision making, and its purpose is to:

  • Advise the Mayor and GMCA on key issues and concerns of young people, and provide solutions;
  • Provide a critical voice and scrutinise the work of the Mayor and GMCA;
  • Undertake specific pieces of work (previous examples include developing Our Pass, future projects include a Climate Change Summit)

The Youth Combined Authority undertakes specific pieces of work, and develops real policies that improve the lives of young people. In its first two years, members have been influencing policies, strategies and decisions on a number of different issues, and have given young people of Greater Manchester a powerful voice. Key achievements include:

  • Developing Our Pass, the city-region’s free bus pass plus additional benefits
  • Presenting at Youth Select Committees on Curriculum for Life and Knife Crime
  • Speaking at the Northern Power Futures Conference and two Conferences of the North
  • Opening the Green Summit, and taking part in a question and answer session on stage with the Mayor
  • Co-hosting the Meet Your Future launch event in April 2019
  • Featuring on BBC North West’s Sunday Politics programme 

Find out what’s already happened by reading the meeting summaries.

Membership of the Youth Combined Authority

Membership of the YCA comprises of 40 young people aged between 11 and 18 (or up to 25 for those with additional needs.) Each member serves for up to two years. The 40 members of the Youth Combined Authority represent 20 youth groups across Greater Manchester.

The Youth Combined Authority is refreshing its membership and is calling on youth organisations across Greater Manchester to apply to become members.

Applications are now closed and are currently being reviewed.

Current youth organisation members include:

The Youth Combined Authority is supported by Youth Focus North West, and its media partner is Bolton-based youth-led Youth Leads.

Working Groups

The Youth Combined Authority also consists of a number of Working Groups, which have been established to bring particular projects to life. The Working Groups are open to anyone aged 11-18 (or up to 25 for those with additional needs) from Greater Manchester. The Working Groups tend to meet monthly in Manchester city centre. Previous Working Groups have focused on Curriculum for Life and Health, and now we are setting up a Climate Change Working Group which will help organise a Youth Green Summit in Summer 2020.

We are always looking for interested young people to join the Working Groups. More information about can be found in these frequently asked questions. If you are interested please email

Keeping in touch with the Youth Combined Authority

You can keep up to date with the Youth Combined Authority and tell us your views by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.