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Have your say - Greater Manchester’s Culture Strategy


GREATER Manchester is known globally for its significant contribution to culture, which is why the Culture Strategy for the city-region sets out to build on this, and to develop Greater Manchester as the best place in the world to create, participate and engage with culture and heritage.

You can help shape the future of Greater Manchester’s cultural offerings by feeding into the consultation of the draft strategy that has been published today (September 25).

The six-week consultation will inform the development of the plan which provides an opportunity to ensure that culture is relevant, representative and accessible to all of residents of Greater Manchester.

As part of the consultation, an event will be held in each borough of Greater Manchester giving local residents the chance to have their say on the strategy. 

Leader of Bolton Council and Greater Manchester Portfolio Lead for Culture, Linda Thomas said: “We want everyone in Greater Manchester to have access and the opportunity to express their own creativity; making, participating, contributing to, enjoying and celebrating the distinctive cultural landscape that makes Greater Manchester a great place to live, visit and invest in.

“I would encourage the residents of Greater Manchester and cultural organisations to feed in their views of the draft strategy over the next six weeks.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham said: “Greater Manchester has a diverse population, and it is only right that our cultural strategy sees diversity as central to all of our work. We will work with relevant organisations to ensure that our workforce reflects and speaks to a broad range of people and supports all residents in the city-region on their cultural endeavor.”

Chief Executive of Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Portfolio Lead for Culture, Donna Hall said: “We are rightly proud of our rich cultural heritage and thriving cultural sector, from grass-roots community and heritage groups to internationally significant cultural organisations and cutting edge digital festivals, Greater Manchester has a diverse and distinctive offer.

“We understand that culture and creativity aren’t just the preserve of professional artists and cultural organisations. Creativity can be found throughout Greater Manchester, in our homes, on our streets, in our nurseries, schools, colleges, workplaces and in our care settings.”

In developing the cultural plan for Greater Manchester, a number of cultural strategies from within the UK and around the world were analysed. The strategy aims to develop mutually beneficial relationships with partner cities and towns and grow Greater Manchester’s international reputation as a cultural destination.

Feedback from the consultation will inform and shape the final Culture Strategy due to launch later this year.

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Article Published: 14/12/2018 13:59 PM