Greater Manchester Investment Zone

Driving the growth of the city-region’s advanced materials and manufacturing sector

Building on an industrial heritage that spans over 200 years, Greater Manchester has become a hub of innovation and enterprise for the advanced materials and manufacturing sectors.

Through a programme of investments and interventions, the Greater Manchester Investment Zone is supporting the growth of its advanced materials and manufacturing sector.

Greater Manchester is providing £160 million in public funding over 10 years to support the growth of the advanced materials and manufacturing sector. The Investment Zone programme will turn our ideas into matter, funding projects and interventions across the city-region. Working with Universities and businesses, the Investment Zone aims to support academics and entrepreneurs to commercialise innovative ideas, whilst helping and encouraging existing manufacturers to adopt productive technologies.

The sector in Greater Manchester comprises thousands of businesses of all sizes, while the city-region’s universities and partner institutions host world-leading research and development. Advanced manufacturing alone employs more than 50,000 people and generates around £4bn of economic output each year.

Over the next 10 years GMCA will deploy a range of interventions to unlock opportunities for business and address barriers to private sector growth, creating more high-quality jobs for communities across the country.