Covid-Safe Workplaces

We should all work from home if we can.

Where you can't work from home, your employer should be ensuring you're able to work in a safe and covid-secure environment. 

Worried it's not? Then email us; our team is standing by to help:

Business Growth Hub

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Business Growth Hub has developed a range of resources and guidance for businesses to ensure they feel supported and are prepared.

The Business Growth Hub is available to provide businesses with the latest advice on the resources available to support you. 

EmployGM (Employer Greater Manchester) has also launched to help bridge skill gaps in high-demand sectors, reduce redundancies and help people who have found themselves unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

Greater.Jobs is currently putting out urgent calls for roles that need filling during the pandemic.

Business Growth Hub (opens in a new tab)

EmployGM (opens in a new tab)

Greater.Jobs (opens in a new tab)

Alternatively, you can call 0161 359 3050 and speak to an adviser.

Information for GMCA Suppliers – Coronavirus

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority will make every effort to maintain all payments in line with agreed contracts. Please bear in mind that the current situation may cause some disruption to our normal practices.

All invoicing and related correspondence must be submitted to us via email at rather than by post.

Please also ensure you include a Purchase Order number on your invoice, in order to help prompt payment. Failure to do this could lead to delays to the payment being made. 

We will make every effort to maintain all payments in line with agreed contracts.  We will be making payments as soon as invoices are approved, even if they are not yet due in accordance with 'normal' payment terms.  You can support this process by ensuring all invoices are emailed (not posted) to and that all invoices clearly state the purchase order number that the supply relates to. 

We will be operating tenders and frameworks on a business as usual basis. However, this is subject to change according to our priorities. We will communicate any changes to our suppliers via our E-Tendering Portal (opens in a new tab)

In these challenging times, it is important that the community comes together to offer support for one another. If you think that there is anything that you or your organisation could do to provide support (however big or small), then please visit Volunteering in Greater Manchester (opens in a new tab). Your help is much appreciated.

If you have any specific concerns that are not addressed, please contact us via email at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.