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A New Deal for Renters


Greater Manchester has ambitions to eradicate the city-region of substandard rented homes. By bringing together partners and providers, we hope to transform the housing sector and bring all rented homes up to the Government's decent homes standard. 

The 2023 Devolution Trailblazer deal helps to boost Greater Manchester's efforts to tackle poor housing and reduce inequalities. The enhanced powers for the city-region that have been received through the deal means that we can work with Government to rebuild a housing system fit to deal with the housing crisis and future need, as well as empowering and protecting tenants. 

The detail 

There are three strands of work to building an integrated system to renting a property in Greater Manchester - improving the quality and responsibility of landlords, improving the standard and quality of existing homes, and building new homes in line with our environmental aspirations: 

Good Landlord Charter: Better renting

For all renters, in private or social rented homes, to feel secure and safe in their home, and for their landlords to know that Greater Manchester will work with them to provide healthy, low carbon and affordable homes for their tenants, and will take swift and effective action against landlords who let their tenants and the whole sector down by failing to do so.

Home improvement: Your homes, better

Bringing all our existing 1.2 million homes up to decent standard so GM residents have a safe, secure, healthy home, and where investment in energy saving and carbon reduction is part of ensuring that they are more affordable to live in, whether you are a renter or an owner.

New homes fit for the future: New homes, better

Delivering future-proof new homes, net zero carbon by design, and with affordability and healthy living built in from day one, including 30,000 social rented net zero homes by 2038. 

Read the full policy A New Deal for Renters: Greater Manchester’s trailblazing package of housing reform, June 2023

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