Greater Manchester Combined Authority – Complaints Procedure

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (‘GMCA’) aims to provide the best possible service to the people and organisations across Greater Manchester. We are committed to providing high quality services to all our customers, but there may be times when things go wrong, and you are left unhappy or dissatisfied. This policy describes our procedure for handling complaints. We will treat your complaint seriously and deal with your complaint positively. We see any complaint as an opportunity to improve the way we do things.

Our aims

We are committed to putting you first and providing quality customer service. This includes dealing with any complaint you may have as follows -

  • We will deal with your complaint quickly and fairly.
  • We will tell you what is happening with your complaint, and we will do everything we can to help you.
  • We will treat the information you give us in confidence and will not share it with other organisations without your permission unless the law says we must (such as to prevent and detect fraud).
  • We will explain our decision.
  • We will use complaints to review and improve the way we provide services.
  • If you make a complaint, it will not affect your rights to receive or use a GMCA service.

How do I make a complaint?

Before submitting a complaint to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) you should ensure that you have raised the complaint with the correct organisation. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority has not replaced existing local authorities, individual councils of Greater Manchester’s ten districts deliver the vast majority of services for your community. Also, the GMCA has not replaced companies and organisations providing and managing public transport in Greater Manchester.

If you make a complaint to us that does not directly relate to an activity carried out by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority we will advise which organisation you should make your complaint to. If you have emailed or written to us we will pass your complaint onto the right organisation and let you know we have done this.

If you have a complaint about any transport-related matter Transport for Greater Manchester’s Customer Engagement Team will be pleased to help. They can be contacted on:  or via social media using @beenetwork. The team will make sure that any comments or complaints are logged and responded to, and further information can be found online at (external website). 

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is fully committed to providing the highest possible levels of service to the public of Greater Manchester. Your comments and complaints will help us to identify areas for improvement in our service delivery and result in a better and more responsive service.

Complaints Information - GMFRS Website (external link)

If you have a complaint about a waste site in Greater Manchester (excluding Wigan), please put your complaint in an email to the operating waste contractor, SUEZ UK Ltd. They will respond directly to you.


If you have been through the complaints procedure of the appropriate waste company and you are unhappy with the response provided you may wish to escalate your complaint to the GMCA Waste and Resource Team who will work with the waste contractor to investigate the issue.

Call: 0161 778 7110

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint was handled by Greater Manchester Police, then you may be able to request an independent review.

Complaints relating to the outcome of a Police Review will not be considered under this process. Such complaints can only be dealt with by requesting a Judicial Review. Further information on this process is available through clicking on the link below:

Form N461: Apply for a judicial review of a decision (external website)

Information on how to make a general complaint regarding policing and crime can be found here - Police and Crime Complaints (internal webpage)