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Publication Scheme

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Publication Scheme (external website)

GMCA Publication Scheme

Some sections on this page are currently under review pending revision 

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is committed to open government and the proactive release of the information it holds under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

What is a Publication Scheme?

Every public authority subject to the Freedom of Information Act is required to adopt and maintain a publication scheme setting out what information will routinely be made available, how the information can be accessed and whether or not the information is free of charge.

The idea of a publication scheme is to try and make sure as much information as possible is freely available and easy to access so you do not need to make a specific request.

The Authority has adopted the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO’s) model publication scheme. The scheme consists of information already published and held by the Authority or information which is to be published in the future. All information in our publication scheme is either available for you on our website to download and print off, or is available in traditional document form. Information within the publication scheme will be available either free, or at a charge.

Some information may not be made available when:

  • we do not hold the information
  • the information is exempt from disclosure
  • we cannot easily access the information

What Classes of Information Do We Publish?   

The ICO’s model publication scheme identifies classes of information, which are as follows:  

The GMCA is required to specify the information which it holds and which falls within those categories of information and has produced a simple guide which lists the specific information it publishes within each of the above classes. 

The Publication Scheme is divided into sections based on the classes of information. 

 Who We Are   

What We Do  

What We Spend and How We Spend It 

Procurement Information 

 What Our Priorities Are And How We Are Doing  

How We Make Decisions  

Our Polices and Procedures 

This section is currently under review and updated, our policies and procedures will be published when ready

Services We Offer

Lists and Registers

  • Your Councillors  (For the interests, gifts and hospitality, please select each individual councillor to get to this information).  

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