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Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) (link opens in a new tab) is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers the Greater Manchester Combined Authority's (GMCA's) transport policies. It coordinates transport networks across the region, decides where to invest transport funding, and owns and runs the Metrolink tram service.

It builds and manages bus stations and transport interchanges, provides travel planning and timetable information to passengers, and promotes walking and cycling as safe and healthy choices.

As well as coordinating public transport, TfGM oversees major roads in the region, including those with the most peak time traffic. It works with Highways England (who run the motorways), and the ten Greater Manchester councils (who run other local roads).

TfGM is a key partner in Rail North (link opens in a new tab) and Transport for the North (link opens in a new tab).

Long-term transport strategy

There are seven lines and 92 stops in the Metrolink tram network and more on the way with the Second City Crossing through Manchester city centre and a planned extension to the Trafford Centre.

The bus priority package will make journeys more efficient, with speedier bus lanes and better connections. 

Plans for more public transport devolution will see TfGM’s responsibilities continue to expand.

TfGM's long-term transport strategy (link opens in a new tab) shows how it plans to contribute to Greater Manchester's prosperous, self-reliant future.