Information Strategy

Information Strategy

Information, and how we use it, underpins our day-to-day lives: how we access goods and services, how we interact, how we work, and what we choose to do. The Greater Manchester Information Strategy is about taking a whole-system view of information and data; from how it is collected, its management and storage, and how the information is used. It aims to change information from being seen a risk that needs to be managed, to being an asset that needs to be valued and used effectively for Greater Manchester.

This is reinforced by the data protection legislation that requires accountability for organisations and the transparency rights of individuals – our residents have the right to know what is happening with their information.

Read the full Greater Manchester Information Strategy (Word, 322KB)

Read the Plain English version of our Greater Manchester Information Strategy (Word, 530KB)

The Greater Manchester Information Strategy underpins and supports the commitments in the Greater Manchester Strategy 2021-31.

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