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Information Sharing Framework

The Vision

We will create a better information ecosystem that realises the full potential of information; manages, shares, and uses information responsibly; helps to tackle our most serious challenges; and supports Greater Manchester’s wider ambitions.

Our Purpose

The Greater Manchester Information Strategy under Mission 6 seeks to ensure that our information governance work is aligned through a shared framework for understanding the actions, roles and tools needed at each stage of the Information Governance process. This ambition is from public and professional consultation that identified the need for a GM wide approach.

The Project

  • We want to work in collaboration with a range of stakeholders to create a platform that will provide practical steps, tools, guidance, and resources that can streamline and support collaborative projects.

  • We will shape a staged process for the information and data sharing journey from a range of organisational perspectives. This will draw on existing best practice and identify gaps that collectively we can address.

  • We will pilot the approach to evaluate its effectiveness in supporting safe, secure, and efficient practice.

  • We are also seeking approval to establish a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Salford to produce a toolkit to enable organisations to embed the framework in their way of working.

The ask…

  • We need to shape a Multi-Agency Project Steering group to finalise our project plans and oversee the project delivery alongside a project manager.

  • We need individuals that can represent a sector needs, cascade information and support delivery.

  • We also want to identify key stakeholders to ensure networks within our GM System are aware and able to engage as we progress.

If you would like to provide nominations for the steering group or network information to us, please email If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Information Sharing Framework 

The image below shows the high-level journey stages envisioned to achieve our goal of a shared approach to information sharing for the GM city region.

A diagram of stages to make a framework including engagement, governance, platform, process, workshops, content, pilots and launch.

  1. Engagement. Identify our key stakeholders, raise awareness of the ambition
  2. Governance. Establish our steering group & reporting pathways
  3. Platform. Determine Platform options & preference
  4. Process. Establish our way of working- Process.
  5. Workshops. To map best practice tools & resources available 
  6. Content. Working groups to refine, revise & draft content
  7. Pilots. Testing our products & process with trailblazers
  8. Launch. Shaping materials to enable understanding and use of the framework