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Young People

Deputy Mayor for the day!

As part of this year’s National Children’s Takeover Day, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Bev Hughes has given one young person a taste of what life is like in her role and on the frontline.

Jake Lockwood, 17 was given the opportunity to become Deputy Mayor for the day and shadowed Bev to a number of appointments. The day started at Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Firearms Unit where both Jake and the Deputy Mayor were given a tour of the unit and shown the weapons that they use.

Speaking on the day, Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes said:

“It has been really enjoyable to share my working day with Jake. I think initiatives like Children’s Takeover Day are hugely important in giving young people a glimpse into the working world. I hope that today has helped to inspire everybody that has taken part in the initiative, not just the young people who have gained work experience, but those they have shadowed. Days like today prove how valuable young people are in giving a fresh perspective on the world.”

After the visit to the Firearms Unit Jake and Bev then travelled to GMP Headquarters where they met with senior officers about Tackling North West Serious Organised Crime (TITAN), specialist operations and 101. 

Deputy Mayor for the day Jake Lockwood said:

“It has been great acting as Deputy Mayor for the day. I want to be a police officer and today has inspired me to continue to strive for this job. The best part of the day was meeting all the different people that make up the police force, it has shown me the different career options available to me if I became a police officer. I would definitely take part in the day again!”  

Assistant Chief Constable Vanessa Jardine who also took part in Child’s Takeover Day said:

“As authority figures I think it’s important that the police are seen as approachable and days like today allow young people to not only see this but to get a true insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the police force to make sure we can keep our communities safe.”   

National Child’s Takeover Day was originally created in 2006 by the Children’s Commissioner for England. The initiative gives young people the opportunity to gain an insight into the working day of senior decision makers.   

Article Published: 14/12/2018 09:39 AM