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Deputy Mayor responds to Spice article


Following a Manchester Evening News (MEN) article on homelessness and a more dangerous strain of Spice currently on the streets of Greater Manchester, Deputy Mayor, Beverley Hughes, has responded.

Following an MEN article on homelessness and a more dangerous strain of Spice currently on the streets of Greater Manchester, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Beverley Hughes, said:

"The Greater Manchester Drug Alert Panel, made up of a number of key partners including Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, the NHS, and drug treatment services, regularly monitors the types of Spice in circulation and advises the police and other services how best to respond. Recent testing by the Panel has revealed a more dangerous batch of Spice now on the streets in Greater Manchester.

"The Panel has alerted professionals working with drug users and support workers about the results of this testing. Local organisations and business have also been advised and we have also shared general advice with members of the public about what to do if they come across someone they suspect has taken the drug.

"This weekend, GMP has put extra provisions in place to reassure the public out and about in the city centre, gather information from health and support services and local businesses, and offer support to those who might become affected by Spice.

"Tackling the use of Spice is very complex and there is no easy or single solution. However, the work of the Panel enables the police, the City Council and partner organisations to respond quickly and we are doing all we can to combat the problem and get the drug off our streets."

Article Published: 14/12/2018 13:15 PM