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Devolution making a difference – GMCA Annual Report highlights progress

The difference to people’s lives made by Greater Manchester’s public services working together has been revealed in its annual results.

Highlights show how the work of Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is helping to transform lives and places, and include details of:

  • Melissa Hughes, aged 24, who was able to gain confidence after being out of work for five months and find a job she loves thanks to a GM-wide scheme.
  • Homeless man, Gary Armstrong, who was able to begin caring for his son again after being given a flat through the GMCA-funded empty homes scheme.
  • A striking new bus interchange in Wythenshawe that has created a vibrant new hub in the centre and has seen the number of visitors to the area increase by 10,000 per week.
  • A wealth of trade and tourism opportunities having been created through Manchester Airport launching its first direct flight from Manchester to Beijing

These personal stories demonstrate the individual impact that GMCA-led and funded work is making on individual people and businesses.

Greater Manchester Mayor Tony Lloyd said: “It is only around 18 months ago that we agreed our first, ground-breaking devolution deal with Government – but we can already see how this has helped us tackle some of Greater Manchester’s biggest challenges by using our new devolved powers and flexibilities.

“In our annual report, we can see the real impact on people and the ways in which the quality of life for everyone who lives, visits and works in Greater Manchester is being improved.

“We can also see where more work needs to be done, which will drive our future efforts and strengthens our case for ensuring that more decisions are made locally, to better meet the needs and aspirations of local people.” 

Progress towards the shared Greater Manchester priorities and achievements have been celebrated in the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) Annual Performance report, which also shows areas where more needs to be done to reach targets.

The Greater Manchester Strategy – Stronger Together – sets out how GMCA organisations, residents and businesses will realise a shared vision through delivering an ambitious programme of growth and reform.

A range of indicators, across transport, housing, salaries and qualifications, show how well or otherwise progress is being made towards achieving that ambition.

The most recent figures are in the report and show that Greater Manchester is

  • Meeting the target for reducing the numbers of people claiming out of work benefits.
  • On target for the percentage of children who reach a good level of development at the early years foundation stage.
  • Meeting the target to increase the number of journeys made by transport modes other than private cars.
  • Behind target in helping improve the health of residents with people becoming ill at a younger age and living with illness for longer (shown in the all age all cause mortality figures).
  • Below target on raising the median salary (although improvements have been made).

The full annual report (item 9) was discussed by Greater Manchester leaders at the Combined Authority meeting on Friday 29 July 2016.

Article Published: 13/12/2018 15:52 PM