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The Mayor

English devolution: The best answer to Brexit


Andy Burnham has delivered his first major speech in Westminster since his election as Mayor of Greater Manchester. Themes included devolution, political engagement and the effects of Brexit.

In his speech at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, Andy said: "Devolution to Greater Manchester has transferred budgets, powers and responsibilities.

"But it’s done something much more important than that. It is helping us engage people in developing policies and counteracting the widespread disengagement from politics that led to Brexit.

"Devolution is not just a series of technical changes to the machinery of Government. It has had a profoundly positive effect on the culture of our city-region. It has created a new energy; a sense of possibility; a shaft of light in an otherwise gloomy political scene.

"It has allowed us to give a level of engagement to our leaders in business, the universities, the faith and voluntary sectors in developing new policy solutions that you can never provide from a national level."

The full text of this morning's speech can be viewed and downloaded here.

Article Published: 14/12/2018 13:47 PM