A picture of the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, Kate Green.
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First ‘We are Greater’ week for young people organised by Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

‘We are Greater’ week sees schools, colleges, youth groups and sports teams from across Greater Manchester encourage young people to be greater than violence by participating in positive activities in their local areas.

The week is inspired by the Violence Reduction Unit’s ‘I am Greater’ campaign which encourages young people to be greater than violence by thinking about their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Launched in May 2021, and developed in collaboration with young people from across our region, the campaign has already achieved over 10 million impressions. The campaign highlights how young people are being greater than violence by sharing inspirational examples of those who have a positive story to tell about their achievements and ambitions for the future.

Now in its third phase, the campaign seeks to highlight and tackle some of the growing challenges that arise for our young people through social media by shining a light on some of the behaviours that exist on social media and how they can be a direct cause of violent behaviour.

The ‘We are Greater’ strand of the campaign has also been introduced, designed to promote the importance of community cohesion, integration, and engagement.

Schools, colleges, youth groups and sports teams from across Greater Manchester will use a series of resources designed to start conversations about aspirations and behaviour and promote positive activities happening in their area. Some will also provide a series of workshops for young people delivered by Media Cubs, a media company led by young people. The workshops will teach young people about the news agenda, constructive journalism the use of social media and impact on perception of violence. Young people will then create their own news campaign package focused on violence reduction.

Kate Green, Deputy Mayor for policing, crime, criminal justice, and fire, said: “The I am Greater campaign is the Violence Reduction Unit’s flagship campaign for young people in Greater Manchester. We are proud that the campaign has been designed and developed from start to finish with young people from across the city-region and has already inspired so many.

“We are Greater week builds on the theme of hope and aspirations and encourages young people to get involved in positive activities happening in their local area, through their school, college, youth group or sports team.

“We know that working collectively as a community encourages positive outcomes for our young people and local communities and we are keen to promote this approach.”

Kirsty Day, Media Director at Media Cubs, said: “The Media Cubs team is delighted to be partnering with the Violence Reduction Unit for the first ‘We Are Greater’ week.

“It is so important for young people’s views and opinions to be voiced and heard to start conversations and create actions to reduce violence in communities across Greater Manchester and this comes hand in hand with raising hopes and aspirations of individuals.

“Our school workshops will do just that by building young people’s skill sets in the world of the media, and increasing confidence to understand that they have the power in their own hands to be the future of change in their towns and cities.”

Kelly Brown, Director of Merosworld Foundation Youth Club, said: “I think it’s very important that young people’s voices are heard, and communities come together to reduce violence across Greater Manchester. We need to work together to show the younger generation they are worthy and can achieve anything they set their minds to.

“Within our youth club we provide a safe place for young people to be themselves and direct the, to choose the right path to go down instead of violence. We fully support the ‘We are Greater’ campaign and will be using the resources within our youth club.”

Article Published: 13/11/2023 13:02 PM