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Greater Manchester’s police Ethics Committee strengthens membership

Greater Manchester’s independent Ethics Committee has met virtually for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it welcomed four new members.

Chaired by the Bishop of Manchester, the Ethics Committee provides advice support and guidance to GMP and the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime on the complex moral, ethical and integrity issues that face modern policing.

Established in August 2014, as the first of its type in the UK, the Committee’s membership is drawn from across Greater Manchester’s diverse communities and members have extensive experience and expertise in a range of fields.

The committee considers both broad thematic issues - such as discrimination, safe drug use, and surveillance - and practical day-to-day issues, such as the use of body-worn cameras by police officers.

At its meeting on the evening of Thursday 11 June, the committee formally welcomed four new members including:

  • Dane Anderton, a Senior Lecturer and Director of Programmes at the University of Manchester.
  • Victoria Yates, a solicitor and former Senior Crown Prosecutor in Manchester.
  • Maneer Afsar who is an independent member of the Parole Board
  • Dr Iestyn Shapey, a doctor in the NHS and an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester. 

They join current members Cym Dsouza, David Arnold, Roy Walters, and Sally Lester alongside the Chair, Bishop of Manchester, Rt Revd David Walker.

Welcoming the new members, Bishop Walker said: “Modern policing wrestles with ethical dilemmas every day, and our committee plays a key role in helping Greater Manchester Police negotiate complex and sometimes controversial issues. Never has this been more pertinent than during challenging and uncertain times, such as the pandemic we are currently living through, when public bodies like the police are under increased pressure and public scrutiny.

“It’s important that the committee reflects the diverse communities of Greater Manchester and as a group, we bring together a wealth and variety of skills and experiences. I’m pleased to welcome our new members, who bring with them passion and a desire to make a difference, and will help us strengthen our work and contribution to making sure our police service acts ethically with the interests of citizens at its heart.”

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, Bev Hughes, added: “Ethics and integrity lie at the heart of British policing, and there is a need for independent challenge and scrutiny to ensure our police maintain the highest ethical standards at all times. The Ethics Committee plays a vital role in helping to build trust and public confidence, by examining and debating the complex issues that face a modern police service in an open and independent way.

“The committee has carried out valuable work, shining the spotlight on issues such as children and policing and body worn video. I want to welcome the new members and I look forward to working with them as the committee continues its mission.”

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling of Greater Manchester Police said: “The Independent Ethics Committee provide valuable challenge and support to GMP, often in relation to some of the most difficult of situations. Modern policing is a highly complex environment and there is often no right or wrong answer to the challenges we face. Their support, challenge and advice has often informed the thinking of the force at strategic level and given a richness to our thought processes, allowing more effective decision making. We welcome the new members and look forwards to working with them.”

Find out more about the Ethics Committee, including member biographies, here -

Article Published: 12/06/2020 12:40 PM