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Innovative housing agreement created to help victims of domestic abuse

Housing providers across Greater Manchester have joined a new reciprocal arrangement which will enhance the support given to those affected by domestic abuse by working together across borough boundaries.

Anyone homeless due to domestic abuse is deemed to have a priority need for accommodation, thereby requiring local authorities to make safe and suitable temporary options available. And in some cases, there is too much risk for the person in need to stay in the borough they are in.

Therefore, Greater Manchester’s new reciprocal enables this provision to cross boroughs, making it easier for a household affected by domestic abuse to access housing outside of the area they currently live in, should the risk of staying in their borough be too high.

Kate Green, Deputy Mayor for policing, crime, criminal justice and fire said: “This new agreement between housing providers shows the power of partnership working, something that our approach to tackling gender-based violence is all about.

“By bringing together services and partners in Greater Manchester, providing a whole-systems approach, we can ensure that victims of domestic abuse can access the housing provision they need and feel the safety they deserve.”

Geoff Binns, Head of Homelessness and Rehousing at Stockport Homes, one of the housing providers signed-up to the reciprocal, said: “Accessing social housing is exceptionally difficult given the level of demand, but this agreement removes unnecessary barriers around local connection. It is part of a wider commitment to tackle domestic abuse by housing providers and Greater Manchester local authorities. No one should live in fear and having a safe place to call home is a basic right.”

All ten local authorities in Greater Manchester have signed-up to provide cross-borough housing through their local housing providers.

Those needing support with housing as a result of gender-based violence, including domestic abuse, can go to the Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline by calling 0800 254 0909. There is more support available via Greater Manchester Victims’ Services too, which can be found online at: https://gmvictims.org.uk

Article Published: 12/09/2023 16:42 PM