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Mayor announces ‘New Deal for apprentices’

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham today announces a ‘new deal for apprentices’ at the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Company’s staff conference.

Throughout his Mayoral campaign Andy Burnham made clear that young people would be at the heart of his plans for Greater Manchester. Speaking at the Etihad Stadium the Mayor outlined his plans for better paid apprenticeships that equip young people to take up the high skilled jobs being created in the City-Region.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham said:
“Today I am announcing a new deal for Apprentices in Greater Manchester. 
“Our New Deal will mean apprentices are guaranteed a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work and equipped with the skills to succeed.  
“No young apprentice in Greater Manchester should be paid less than the national minimum wage for other young people in work.  £3.50 an hour is simply not enough. Public sector bodies in Greater Manchester are already leading by example and working towards paying young apprentices the proper national minimum wage.  It’s time for every employer in Greater Manchester to follow suit. 
“But we know that apprenticeships are more than just a way to make a living, it’s about getting the skills to release your full potential and kick start your career. 
“Over the next three years Greater Manchester’s public sector will deliver 10,000 new apprenticeship starts. Our offer to them should be: we will pay you a fair wage and give you the real skills to be all you can be.  
“It is how we bridge the skills gap, drive productivity and make a success of Brexit. It’s good for our young people, good for business and good for Greater Manchester."
Coupled with the new deal for apprentices, the Mayor will oversee the development of an enhanced UCAS-style application system. This system will guarantee will only offer quality Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities, alongside other high quality training and skills development.  
The new deal will also form an important part of the Mayor's Good Employers' Charter. The Mayor will work alongside businesses to set out the basic standards and actions we expected of good employers in Greater Manchester.

Article Published: 13/12/2018 21:28 PM