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Mayor responds to Chancellor's Northern transport announcement

Responding to the Chancellor's speech in which he announced investment for Northern transport infrastructure, Mayor Andy Burnham said:

"I welcome this announcement by the Chancellor but it is only a first step towards providing the investment that the North needs and was promised. 

"At best this investment will only deliver benefits in the future. However the travelling public in the North is having to put up with sub-standard rail services right now.  Electrification across the Pennines was promised in 2011 but today the Chancellor was silent on this.  People here deserve a better answer on when Manchester to Leeds services will improve.  

"Today’s announcement would not have been made if the North had not got organised and found its voice over the summer. We won't put up with clapped out trains and congested roads any longer. Until we have a clear plan for the investment required to build a Northern Powerhouse we were promised, the voice of the North will only get stronger."  

Article Published: 14/12/2018 09:10 AM