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Night Time Economy Adviser hails 'crucial' skills training for Greater Manchester hospitality sector

  • GMCA launches targeted skills programmes to bridge hospitality skills gaps
  • Latest skills intelligence shows that hospitality employers are facing growing challenges in upskilling and recruitment
  • Sacha Lord, Night-time Economy Adviser describes the opportunities as 'crucial' for the industry, 'focusing on the long-term success' of residents and businesses

Residents working in Greater Manchester’s dynamic hospitality sector are encouraged to take advantage of new training opportunities tackling skills shortages the industry is facing.

Targeted skills programmes delivered through the Greater Manchester Combined Authority's (GMCA) Adult Education Budget, the Department for Education funded Skills Bootcamps are co-designed and delivered with employers to ensure training is current and reflective of labour market need. 

For employers, these programmes bridge the skills gap identified by them and help cut recruitment costs. For individuals, they will assist in securing jobs and can facilitate career changes or progression.

Greater Manchester’s free, flexible Skills Bootcamps programme is now offering courses in hospitality, events and security. Specific training includes Hospitality Leadership, Event Safety and Security Future Leaders, which prepare people for leadership and management roles within their respective industries.

Additional specialised Skills Bootcamps are also available in covert surveillance training and dog handling for those looking to develop focused skills in these areas.

Training will reflect the latest insights into the sector, which highlight in-demand skills including customer service, communication, teamwork and adaptability.

Josh Chadwick, an assistant manager at Navarro Lounge, recently completed training in licensed hospitality operations with training provider Barfection through Skills Bootcamps. With a decade of experience in front-facing customer service, Josh is now aiming to broaden his expertise into training and development within the business.

He said: 

"The training is massively useful for me. Even with 10 years of experience in the industry, it helps me excel in my skills, ultimately improving my job performance. Specifically, I want to progress my career in training and development, so this training provides me with the knowledge and opportunity to further my career.”

As well as supporting Greater Manchester’s night-time economy to continue to thrive, the training offered in the security space in particular will also work towards keeping the city-region safe. 

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester said: said:

“The recruitment and retention of staff in the hospitality sector is a huge issue and opportunities like these to upskill and develop managers of the future are crucial to the industry. By working with GMCA in this initiative, operators can now provide co-designed training and career opportunities for their staff which they may not have been able to do so before. This is a fantastic demonstration that once again we are leading the way as a city-region in focusing on the long term success of those who live and do business here.”

Businesses collaborating with Skills Bootcamps gain a strategic edge, not only by minimising recruitment expenses but also by tailoring training to the exact specialisations their workforce needs. Moreover, for those seeking to reskill or upskill current staff, Skills Bootcamps offers a cost-effective solution. 

Rebecca Ponsford, Director of Verve People, highlighted the benefits of Skills Bootcamps in hospitality alongside GMCA's commissioned training provider, Barfection.

She said:

"Skills Bootcamps not only reduce recruitment costs but also offer a comprehensive view of candidates' skills. As an employer, I can rely on the high-quality candidates they provide, and we can tailor training programmes for upskilling the workforce. I highly recommend it and encourage businesses to make the most of what they are offering.”

Councillor Eamonn O'Brien, Greater Manchester’s Lead for Technical Education and Skills, said:

“As we address the growing skills gap in Greater Manchester's hospitality sector, these targeted skills programmes represent a crucial step towards equipping our residents with the skills needed to fill vacancies within the industry. We are committed to fostering collaboration between individuals and employers, ensuring that training is not only sector-specific but also aligns with the actual needs of businesses.”

Joanne Roney, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, said:

"The comprehensive learning opportunities available in the city-region align with our broader efforts to stimulate economic growth and create meaningful job opportunities. It's an essential step in ensuring that Greater Manchester continues to thrive as a leading destination for nightlife, entertainment and hospitality.”

Greater Manchester offers various programmes and opportunities for adults in the city-region to upskill and progress in their careers. To discover more about available training opportunities, please visit the GMCA’s work and skills website at Work and Skills - Greater Manchester Combined Authority (External Link).





Article Published: 14/02/2024 12:59 PM