Image outlining the date of Greater Manchester local elections at 2 May.
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One month to go: Greater Manchester residents urged to register to vote and check ID

Greater Manchester residents are being urged to register to vote and check they have valid photo ID. There is less than a fortnight left to register, and just under one month to go until polling day.

On Thursday 2 May residents across Greater Manchester will be electing local councillors and the Mayor of Greater Manchester. Salford residents will also be electing the Salford City Mayor.

In order to vote in these important elections and have their say on who makes decisions affecting them, residents must be on the electoral register and have a valid form of Voter ID if voting in a polling station.

With the deadline to register to vote approaching, residents are urged to check that they are registered to vote at their current address. Being registered for other council services (for example, council tax) does not mean residents are automatically registered to vote.

You must be registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 16 April. It takes just five minutes to register to vote online. More information, including how to register with a paper form, is available on GM Elects.

Residents will also need to show a valid form of photo ID at the polling station. Voter ID can be a passport, driving licence, some types of bus pass or proof of age card. It must be an original and not a photocopy. Voters should check they have at least one form of ID on the list.

Expired ID can still be valid as Voter ID as long as it still looks like you.

If voters do not have valid voter ID, they can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. The deadline for to apply for free voter ID for these elections is 5pm on Wednesday 24 April.

This year residents across Greater Manchester will be voting in the following elections:

  • The Mayor for Greater Manchester Combined Authority. The Mayor is a major figure in the political life of the city-region, with unique powers and responsibilities. This includes setting budgets and priorities for Greater Manchester’s public services including transport, housing and planning, the fire and rescue service, Police and Crime Commissioner responsibilities, and acting as an ambassador for the city region.
  • Councillors are elected to represent their local area and residents, and contribute to the development of local policies in areas such as social care, housing, planning, highways, and education.
  • The Salford City Mayor. Residents in Salford will elect the City Mayor, who is Salford’s political, strategic and community leader and has overall responsibility for the delivery of all council services.

You can cast your vote in these elections one of three ways. You can vote in person (at the polling station listed on your poll card), you can vote by post, or you can vote by proxy (appointing someone to vote on your behalf). The deadline to apply for a postal vote in these elections is 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2024. The deadline for applying for a proxy vote is 5pm Wednesday 24 April 2024.

More information about the elections taking place in Greater Manchester, including information about registering to vote and applying for a postal or proxy vote can be found on GM Elects.

Eamonn Boylan, Combined Authority Returning Officer for Greater Manchester, said:

“The elections taking place in our city-region this year are an opportunity for residents to have their say and decide who makes important decisions that affect them and the places where they live.

“There are less than two weeks left to register to vote.  If residents haven’t already done so, I would urge them to register before the deadline of 16 April.

“Residents will also need to show ID at the polling station. Residents should check the list of valid forms of identification and apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if the need one.”

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Follow updates about elections on your local council’s social media accounts and website.

Key dates:

  • - Deadline to register to vote: by midnight on Tuesday 16 April
  • - Deadline to apply for a postal vote: 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2024
  • - Deadline to apply for free voter ID: 5pm on Wednesday 24 April
  • - Deadline to apply for a proxy vote: 5pm Wednesday 24 April 2024
  • - Polling day: Thursday 2 May 2024

Article Published: 03/04/2024 10:48 AM