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One thousand young people to get new work opportunities in Greater Manchester


One thousand young people will have new work opportunities thanks to a new initiative planned by Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.

By 2020, one thousand work shadowing opportunities will be created for Greater Manchester’s young people that will be easy to access for all.

The new proposals, called Meet Your Future, are part of the Greater Manchester Strategy ambition to make the city-region the best place to grow up, get on and grow old.

Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “I want a system which opens up opportunities for all our young people, one that connects businesses with young people and enables them to achieve their ambitions.

“Meet Your Future, through Bridge GM, which will see young people have the chance to spend time with senior leaders in businesses, to see what their world is like and to open up opportunities.

“We will make sure it isn’t a scheme that relies on who you know or who you are connected to, it will be open for any young person in Greater Manchester."

Bridge GM, part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, connects young people with employers across Greater Manchester.

The announcement came at the Northern Power Futures conference as a panel of four young people gave the Mayor their advice on how to improve life for people growing up in Greater Manchester.

In front of an audience of hundreds of employers and young people, the ‘reverse mentoring’ panel also discussed the Mayor’s ambitions for life readiness, including a UCAS-style application platform, work experience and an opportunities pass.

The panel was made up of:

  • Nathan Randle – Social Media Apprentice at Pennine Care NHS Trust
  • Hudaa Bax – student at Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School and 6th Form
  • Amanda Capstick – student at The Manchester College
  • Emily Sykes – member of the Tameside Youth Council and the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority

The two-day event, organised by Simone Roche MBE and Northern Power Women, aimed to engage Northern voices on common issues.

Simone said: “We are thrilled that Andy has chosen to launch Meet Your Future, the GM work shadowing programme, at Northern Power Futures. It’s perfectly matched with our vision to showcase the north’s great opportunities and a voice and place for all!

“With Andy’s passion for future talent and ambition for one north we support wholeheartedly and are committed with Northern Power Futures to drive this ambition across borders and pan north for good.  We are delighted to be working together and promoting the Bridge GM to connect education with employers across Greater Manchester.”

Reverse mentoring is an initiative where established people gain insight and understanding from younger generations.

Andy added: “What I want is all people growing up in Greater Manchester and the North to have the highest ambitions of what they can achieve. I think the North is full of talent with the best people and we have to get the best out of you. This scheme will help to do that.

“You are the future of the North. We want you to be ready to shape that future and make sure the North becomes the power it can be.”

Employers who wish to help ensure talent comes to your business and narrow the gap between the boardroom and classroom can find more information through Bridge GM.

Article Published: 14/12/2018 14:49 PM