Following the result of the EU Referendum, Greater Manchester Mayor Tony Lloyd said;

“The people of Greater Manchester and the United Kingdom have spoken and the UK Government will now begin negotiations ahead of our withdrawal from the European Union.

“It is no secret that this is not the result Greater Manchester leaders had hoped for but GM is a vibrant and resilient place.  Our city-region will continue to transform and grow, driven by the talent and determination of our people.

“Throughout the EU exit negotiations people in GM will expect the UK Government to protect Greater Manchester’s place as an international city-region.  Greater Manchester has worked hard to become an international destination for business, trade and investment, and this must be ensured for the future.”

“The Greater Manchester Combined Authority will now begin work to analyse the effect of our exit from the EU and work to ensure the best possible future for our city-region."

Article Published: 13/12/2018 15:15 PM