Statement by Councillor Jean Stretton and Councillor Sue Derbyshire on International Women's Day 2016

Devolution in Greater Manchester is a real opportunity for women right across our region. As we take powers away from Westminster and make better choices locally, we want to make sure that women are at the forefront of everything that we do.  

For Greater Manchester to succeed and grow, women must be able to play their part.  

We know that women help organisations and communities address a wider range of issues more effectively. We bring different experiences, insights and encourage a more considered style of debate. 

Although, rightly, there is no policy agenda that is specific to women, having women in positions of power has been shown to be essential on issues like childcare, social justice and domestic violence. 

As we make better local choices about jobs, skills, health, transport and more, we want to ensure that the views of women improve the decisions we make.  

Our region was the birthplace of both the suffragette movement and the Industrial Revolution. As we work together to grow our economy in a way not seen since the Industrial Revolution, we must also ensure that we remember, and embody, the values of the suffragettes.

Have a terrific International Women’s Day 2016.  

Article Published: 13/12/2018 13:59 PM