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Statistics reveal recorded crime has increased 18 per cent in the last year

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester Beverley Hughes said: “We know that Greater Manchester is a challenging area to police and since being appointed to oversee police and crime I have been working closely with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to plan for the future to make improvements across our 10 boroughs.

“The latest Home Office figures announced will cause concern to local communities, as they do for me. More complex crimes, such as sexual and violent crime, continue to put pressure on a police service that has become dangerously overstretched. 

“I reiterate the Mayor’s call to the Prime Minister for more resources for Greater Manchester Police and our other emergency and public services. In Greater Manchester alone we have 2,000 fewer police officers patrolling our streets. This level of pressure cannot be sustained.

“The Mayor, the Chief Constable and I will continue to work to make our communities safer and stronger. But the reality is we need Government to take action and put a stop to the cuts before our police service becomes unviable.”

Home Office statistics released on Thursday, July 20, 2017, can be found here and highlight increases in the following areas in Greater Manchester:

Violence against a person – 29 per cent increase

Sexual offences – 17 per cent increase

Burglary – 8 per cent increase

Robbery – 32 per cent increase

Theft offences – 8 per cent increase

Vehicle crime – 7 per cent increase

Shoplifting – 6 per cent increase

Article Published: 13/12/2018 21:59 PM