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Time running out to join Solar Together Greater Manchester

Time is running out to join thousands of people in Solar Together Greater Manchester.

So far more than 2,000 households have registered across Greater Manchester. You have until midnight on 21 October 2019 to register.

This innovative group-buying scheme for solar panels aims to give people access to high-quality solar panels at an affordable price is only open for a few more days.

Right now, Solar Together Greater Manchester, the solar photovoltaic (PV) group-buying scheme that is helping to boost local renewable energy generation is open for registrants at

The scheme is free to register and there is no obligation to take up the offer. The scheme offers one of the most affordable ways for homeowners to purchase high-quality solar panels. Let them know you’re interested online before 22 October, when the UK’s top solar PV suppliers will bid for the contract and after which you will receive a personal recommendation.

The more people who register, the greater Solar Together’s bargaining power will be and the better the deal they will be able to secure for high-quality solar panels.

Last year Solar Together was able to secure discounts of over 20% against market averages in a number of regional schemes. 

An initiative of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the group-buying specialist iChoosr Ltd, the new Solar Together Greater Manchester scheme will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and follows three successful schemes last year which saw over 1,650 installations across the country and an impressive 35,000 tonnes of avoided lifetime carbon emissions. That’s the same amount of carbon dioxide produced by over 7,000 cars for an entire year. 

How does it work?

  • Householders can register online at to become part of the group for free and without obligation before 22 Oct.
  • Pre-vetted UK solar PV suppliers participate in an auction on 22 October. They are able to offer compelling pricing as the volume and geographic concentration will make it possible for them to realise greater efficiencies, which they pass on with lower prices for installations.
  • After the auction, registered households will receive a personal recommendation, which is specific to the details they submitted in their registration.
  • If they choose to accept their recommendation, the specifics of their installation will be confirmed with a technical survey after which a date can be set for the installation of their solar PV system.
  • Telephone and email helpdesks are on-hand throughout the whole process and information sessions will allow households to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.

Article Published: 17/10/2019 10:13 AM