Two adults and a child reading a book

Ten Top Tips for Sharing Books

The Greater Manchester (GM) tips for sharing books are 10 simple ideas to help you and your child have a fun and relaxed time exploring books together.

Sharing books is also a brilliant way to support your child’s speech, language and communication.

It’s never too early to start sharing books with me.

Even when I am in your tummy, I love hearing your voice.

You don’t even need to read the words. Just talking about the pictures is great too.

Just a few minutes every day makes a big difference.

I love to snuggle and share stories with you and other special people.

It makes us both feel happy, relaxed, and close.

It’s a good idea to turn off the TV and put away your phone. I love this quiet time with you.

Sharing a book at bedtime can help me sleep better.

We can share books anywhere, e.g. on the bus, in the park or even at bath time!

Let me choose my own favourite book.

If am very little, choose one that makes me smile or laugh.

If I look at the pictures or point or touch the book, it means I am enjoying it.

Hold the book so we can both see it and give me time to turn the pages myself.

I don’t always want to look at every page in order. This is OK too.

Sometimes I might want to tell you the story to practise using my words.

I love it when we talk about the things I can see in the pictures.

Let’s talk about how people in the story are feeling. This helps me to learn the words for feelings and emotions.

I love listening to your voice, especially if you use funny voices.

It’s OK if I want my favourite story again and again. I like it because it is familiar and it helps me to learn lots of new words.

We can talk about our new words when we are out and about.

Hearing and using words again and again in different places helps me learn.

I love to hear you speak our home language.

Hearing this helps my brain to grow.

I will learn English quickly if I already know the words in our home language.

We could go to the library together to choose books for both of us. It’s free!

There are books especially for me including board books and ones to touch and feel.

Sometimes the library will have a free story time session.

At home keep my books in a special place where I can look at them easily. A low shelf or a special box would be good.

Giving my friends books as a present helps them to love them too!

GM has developed a suite of 10 Top Tips Resources to support early child development from pregnancy to age 5. The tips can be used everyone including parents, grandparents, frontline professionals and the wider workforce to help with supporting speech and  language, emotional wellbeing and movement.


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