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Working Groups

Working Groups

What is a working group and what do they do?

A number of working groups have been formed which will take forward specific pieces of work.

There are two previous working groups that have now been completed after successfully achieving all aims and objectives:

  • Curriculum for Life – focused on developing a Curriculum for Life, as well as working with schools, colleges, youth clubs and employers to bring it to life.
  • Health – with particular focus on mental health
  • Environment Working Group - focused on tackling environmental issues and climate change

Who can join a working group?

We want to ensure that the YCA and its working groups are inclusive and diverse, and members are able to represent a significant number of other young people.

Anyone who lives in Greater Manchester and is aged 11-18 can join the working groups. All working group meetings will take place in the evening (usually 6-8pm) in Manchester City Centre. Therefore, if you are under 16 you will either need to be accompanied to the meetings by a parent or guardian, or you will need to provide their written permission that you can travel independently.

I’m interested. How can I find out how to get involved?

Please email and let us know:

  • Your name
  • Age
  • Why you want to get involved
  • How we can contact you

There is no time limit – you can let us know at any time and attend the next meeting.

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