September 2020 blog from Chair of Youth Task Force

Hello, I hope you are keeping well in this fast-moving world we are living in at the moment.

Well done to everyone who received GCSE and A Level results recently. To help young people at this challenging time a ‘chat function’ was launched on the day that GCSE results were shared - providing additional information and support for young people to help them make decisions about their futures. You can find out more about this on GMCA’s website.

My last written post was only a few weeks ago but already so much has happened since that time. You can recap on some of the key developments of our ongoing work around the Young Person’s Guarantee in my recent video update as well as in this blog post.

Youth Advisory Group

I met again with members of our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) at the end of August – who are now busy shaping a delivery plan for the Guarantee focusing on the four key areas identified early on in the summer: keeping connected, staying well, making effective transitions, and removing economic inequalities.

The plans for each thematic area will then be delivered by the YAG and other members of the Youth Task Force, including myself as Chair of the Youth Task Force.

We have grouped the delivery stage of our work into three main phases to allow us to keep a clear focus and communicate key updates on the four areas easily.

The first phase will see us explore what is currently on offer across Greater Manchester to see how we can embed those existing offers into our work and maximise them to meet the needs of young people.

The second phase will see us develop activities and identify new programmes and initiatives, which can be offered to young people medium to long term.

The third phase will focus on structural change. So, what do we need to look at that doesn’t already exist to enable us to create a positive legacy following on from COVID-19.


Our consultation around the Young Person’s Guarantee has now concluded. I wish to personally thank every single person who has taken the time to support and shape this vital piece of work and help make a difference to the lives of local young people.

However, even though the official consultation has closed we are still talking to young people, some face-to-face, detached work and brilliantly supported by youth workers and partners we are still receiving videos and voice recordings from young people. This information will play an important role in shaping our recommendations.

What next?

We are holding an online event on September 23 to bring people up to speed on our journey so far, and to recap on how we have got to where we are currently and our next steps. If you haven’t already signed up to this and wish to then you can do so via Eventbrite.

September will see us nail down tangible commitments from those in business, health providers, digital partners and educators. Those who can offer us solid commitments in each of our four key areas will work with us over the coming months to deliver our plans and help young people build back better.

We are also launching a newsletter so people can receive all of the latest news on the Youth Task Force and Young Person’s Guarantee to their inbox. Keep an eye out on GMCA’s website and social media channels for this so you can subscribe. Alternatively, drop us an email and we can add you to the mailing list.

Thank you for reading my post, and please get in touch if you have any questions or comments, or if you wish to receive updates on this piece of work:

Diane Modahl, Chair of Greater Manchester’s Youth Task Force