Youth Advisory Group

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Youth Advisory Group

As part of the ongoing work in Greater Manchester to create and develop a Guarantee for young people, a new group has been formed to give young people the best possible future. 

The newly established Youth Advisory Group - which forms part of the Youth Task Force - kick-started its involvement in the development of the new Greater Manchester Young Person’s Guarantee on Friday, August 7, 2020. 

Following their successful applications, 24 young people aged 11 to 30-years-old, met as a group virtually for the first time with Chair of the Greater Manchester Youth Task Force, Diane Modahl. This was an introduction into the work set to change the future landscape​ of Greater Manchester for its young people, ​as a direct response to COVID-19. 

The Youth Advisory Group is just one element of the creation and development of the Young Person’s Guarantee which was first set out by Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham back in June when he appointed ​CEO Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, Olympian and Commonwealth Gold Medal Winner, Diane Modahl, as Chair of the new Youth Task Force.  

The Task Force will be the driving force behind the Guarantee and will shape, challenge and deliver on existing and new opportunities for young people. 

The Guarantee will reflect young people’s concerns about the future and will offer an outline of support and opportunities available. It will build on what is already available now as well as identify and respond to gaps. This will be particularly true of more vulnerable and marginalised young people. 

Chair of Greater Manchester’s Youth Task Force, Diane Modahl, said: “The Youth Advisory Group is paramount to us developing and shaping the Young Person's Guarantee and its new members will work to ensure that the needs of local young people remain at the forefront of the development. 

“It was a pleasure to welcome all 24 Young Advisory Group members, who are a true reflection of Greater Manchester.  It was an extremely difficult task to ensure that we got the representation of each Borough, age group and demographic right as each member is representing more than just their view.  As hoped and expected our first meeting demonstrated the energy and passion that young people have in order to protect and progress their futures".   

The new group represents the diversity of voices across Greater Manchester. Successful candidates were shortlisted based on varying demographics, as well as their passion to share their experiences, opinions and needs of young people across the city-region, ensuring those commonly marginalised have their voices heard.  

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More names to come... 

Article Published: 03/08/2020 12:58 PM