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Greater Manchester Digital Champions Network

Greater Manchester Digital Champions Network

Across Greater Manchester, there is a bold ambition to ensure every resident has the basic digital skills and literacy to access the online world confidently and safely. Our regional commitment is based on the belief that all residents should have equality of opportunity and accessible support to get online, should they want to, and that community volunteers and front-line staff can be empowered to upskill others. 

The Greater Manchester’s Digital Champion Network will bring together industry, communities, local authorities and public sector volunteers to support digital skills and literacy for individuals and community-focussed organisations across the region. The network is an opportunity to share best practices, discuss learnings and develop a network of skilled support across every borough in the region. 

Greater Manchester aims to bring together volunteers from private sector, community organisations and public sector to lend their time and skills to make meaningful and long-term change to improve the skills of communities, community organisations, libraries, schools and priority sectors across the region.

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