Digital Talent Pipeline

Our vision is to create a critical mass of digital talent, positioning Greater Manchester as the key place for businesses seeking a digitally-skilled workforce to invest in outside of London.

We will:

  • Inspire young people to think about a career in digital and give them the skills and confidence to do it
  • Future-proof the tech talent pipeline; connecting education and industry through harnessing real role models and industry mentors
  • Ensure that the system of post-16 technical education in Greater Manchester provides young people with a clear pathway defined by employers into all priority digital/ tech occupations
  • Address the immediate digital skills shortage and support employers to diversify their workforce through developing a new model of reskilling and retraining

Main projects:

Greater Manchester Digital Skills

They will deliver a range of projects to get young people excited about digital skills from a young age as well as building sustainable connections between education and the digital industry. This exciting new programme is a key pillar of the wider Greater Manchester Digital Strategy and will be known as Greater Manchester Digital Skills.

The programme is split into two separate strands: 

  1. Go Digital: Firstly this will deliver an innovative activity to excite young people at KS3 about digital opportunities and build their skills outside of the formal curriculum. Following on from the activity will lead to enrichment activities to continue developing digital skills, with a specific focus on working with Year 8 girls. 

  2. Digital Futures: A programme of strategic support to build sustainable connections between education and industry. Delivering a teacher CPD programme to support a GM industry relevant curriculum; and careers insight, awareness and experiences for young people, teachers and influencers. 

Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund

The £3m fund is now open for applications in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority area. Consortia of employers and training providers (including colleges and universities) can bid for between £50,000 and £180,000 to run innovative digital training schemes linked to skills shortage vacancies.

Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund

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CASE STUDY: Workshops to inspire young people to become digital champions

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CASE STUDY: Helping young people enter the media production industry

Last year, Reform Radio a music, arts, and culture broadcaster, received funding through the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund to deliver ShortaFORM,

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CASE STUDY: How the Manchester Adult Education Service is helping residents grow digital skills

Find out how MAES supports residents to improve their digital skills

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CASE STUDY: Upskilling unemployed & low paid residents

Read our digital talent pipeline case study

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CASE STUDY: IN4.0 Talent Academy - Kelsey's story

Kelsey Brooks, has joined the IN4.0 team after graduating from a Fast Track Funded project

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Fast Track Fund Case Studies