In February, the GMCA launched the Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint. The blueprint sets out the next chapter in our ambition to be recognised as a world-leading digital city region, with an ongoing commitment to taking an open, innovative and connective approach to delivering that ambition. We remain committed to being a digital city-region with a difference. By putting people at the heart of our plans we aim for a more inclusive approach that builds on our greatest asset.

Digitober is a month that will celebrate and showcase the amazing work of Greater Manchester’s digital sector. In particular, the month will:

Once again, we'll also be supporting Get Online Week - a digital inclusion campaign organised by Good Things Foundation.

How to get involved

Guest blog

You may have a digital leader in your organisation interested in writing a blog for us which we would launch during Digitober, we’re always happy to hear blog ideas that showcase our digital ecosystem. For more information, read some of our latest blogs.

Case studies

We want to share the volume and impact of the work happening across our digital sector. If you have a particular project or programme your organisation is working on that you think other colleagues could learn from or would be interested in reading, we're able to publish this as a case study. For more information you can view our previous case studies.

Promote your events and activities

We'll be signposting to events and activity on this webpage, from 1st October onwards. Please send anything you'd like adding to our communication team.

Social media

Raise awareness of the campaign month across social media using #Digitober

Email our communication team to get involved.