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National support

National support to get online

Support for individuals - with connectivity

Finding a social broadband tariff

Social tariffs can provide a safety net for eligible households who might be struggling to afford their broadband or phone services.

Ofcom offer a good summary of current, cheaper broadband and phone packages (external website).

MoneySavingExpert also offers further information on cheaper broadband/phone packages (external website)

Supporting people with data connectivity (broadband and mobile data)

This winter, Good Things Foundation have teamed up with O2 to offer the Christmas Sim Card, O2 customers can access an amount of additional data for themselves, or someone else that may benefit from this free connectivity.

Find out more on the Christmas Sim Card (external website) initiative.

DWP & TalkTalk voucher scheme for job seekers

If you are currently looking for work you can now get free broadband for six months via a no-contract voucher. TalkTalk and the Department for Work and Pensions have joined forced to offer job seekers these vouchers to enable you to access the internet to search and apply for jobs online.

Find out more about the DWP and TalkTalk voucher scheme (external website)

Support for individuals - digital skills

Support for residents to do digital in later life

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Good Things Foundation have joined forces to produce a brand-new practical guide to support more people to get online and benefit from doing digital in later life. 

Read more and download doing digital in later life.

Good Things Foundation digital skills support

Good Things Foundation the national digital inclusion charity have a charity of support available to help residents build and grow their digital skills including programmes like Learn My Way (external website) and Make It Click. They also have a wide variety of resources available including guides to help older residents get online and many more. 

Learn My Way (external website) is a website of over 30 free online courses to help beginners learn digital skills to stay safe and connected.

Make It Click (external website) features free courses, tools and templates that you can trust. You can learn new apps, improve the skills you already have and take a positive step forward in your work.

Find out more about the Good Things Foundation digital skills support (external website)

AbilityNet free IT support at home

AbilityNet are a UK based charity who are work to ensure that everyone can regardless of ability, age or background should be able to access the power of digital technology. AbilityNet's Tech volunteers provide free IT support (external website) to older people and disabled people of any age, anywhere in the UK. Every volunteer is disclosure-checked and can help with all sorts of IT (information technology) challenges, from setting up new equipment, fixing technical issues, showing you how to stay connected to family, using online services and much more.

The National Careers Service Skills Toolkit

The National Careers Service has collated a list of free courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs. Including general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills, including computer essentials, computer science, and coding. Find out more about the Skills Toolkit (external website)

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps give people aged 19+ the opportunity to build up sector specific skills through fully-funded and co-funded flexible courses of up to 16 weeks.

Support for organisations

Charities Connected - Vodafone

If you're a charity that needs support for digital inclusion programmes, you can apply for free Vodafone SIMs, each loaded with 20GB data plus unlimited calls and texts to be used over 6 months. You can use these however you like - for example, to help stay in touch with service users, or deliver training to people in need.

Find out more about the Charities Connected scheme (external website)

Supporting people with data connectivity (Broadband and mobile data)

Guide from Good Things Foundation for charities, community groups and organisations which reach and support people who are struggling to afford the internet because of poverty and the cost of living. It is especially for organisations which are not specialist providers of debt or money advice.

Download the guide (external website)

The Nominet Digital Youth Index

A benchmarking report offering insight into young people’s digital experiences. What are the challenges and barriers they face? What do they love – and what do they worry about? Importantly, how can we help them harness the positive power that the digital world promises?

Find out more and access the Digital Youth Index (external website)