Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Greater Manchester has world-leading businesses and sectors, investing, innovating and growing. They have created a record number of jobs in our city region. Our public services and voluntary and community sector are using devolution and closer partnership to find new ways to better serve the public. Across all sectors, employers are providing good jobs, which are well-paid, secure and with opportunities to get on.

But we can do better. On average, our businesses are less productive than others in the UK, and even further behind London and the rest of the world, while our public services and voluntary and community sectors face social challenges of increasing complexity and scale. Too many of our residents are in low paid and insecure work, unable to fulfil their potential, get a home or provide a secure start for their children.

That is why we are developing a Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter – to support employers to reach best practice, helping them to grow and provide the good jobs we need.

The Charter will only deliver this aim if it is developed with employers, employees and others – drawing on the best available expertise and experience. It is therefore being drawn up through a process of ‘co-design’, with close engagement at every stage. While we can set out our goals, only our businesses, public servants, volunteers and residents can find a route to reach them.

We also want to make sure the Charter draws on the best available evidence. The districts which make up Greater Manchester already have established programmes to support and encourage employers to make the city region a great place to live and work. Other cities and regions across the UK are developing their own approaches. Our universities have cutting-edge research to help us understand the challenges we face and develop solutions. A summary of this evidence is set out in the accompanying Evidence Paper.

We used the responses from the consultation of the Good Employment Charter survey to create the draft Good Employment Charter. The draft charter will be used for further consultation to make sure that it will support our businesses to grow, our public and voluntary and community services to continue to improve, and create the well-paid, secure and fulfilling jobs our city region needs.

Take part in the draft Good Employment Charter here.

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