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Long-term benefits - Slater Heelis

Slater Heelis are a client-focused law firm offering full in-depth legal expertise and experience. They are Manchester-based with origins stretching back almost 250 years. They are a rapidly growing firm having recruited over 50 new starters in this year alone. Phil Rimmer, Head of HR at Slater Heelis, explains why paying the real Living Wage is a great investment to the business.

The ethos of the firm has always been not only to provide a first-rate service to our clients, but to reach out to the community, give back and ensure our practices are sustainable for future generations. We are really big on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are involved in initiatives such as No Child Should Go Hungry, so taking the steps towards becoming RLW accredited for us was a no brainer.

Being a RLW accredited employer is great investment into your business and local community as the long-term benefits are priceless. From an HR perspective, it has helped massively to make us a more attractive employer in terms of recruiting staff. It’s a win-win situation as the morale and wellbeing of your staff will increase, especially during a time when living costs are increasing. There aren’t any cons or disadvantages to being RLW accredited.

My message to other employers would be to do your research if you have any reservations and speak to those people who have signed up for this initiative. Some employers could say “We can’t afford this”, however in reality this is something you cannot afford to not be a part of.