Greater Manchester should be a place where people can fulfil their ambitions. That means making it a place where people want to live and work, whether they are setting up their own business or working as an employee.

While employment growth has been strong over recent years, too many of our residents are in low paid and insecure roles with little opportunity to progress: an issue highlighted by the pandemic. As many employers will testify, engaging employees brings significant benefits: lower turnover of staff, a more motivated and dedicated workforce, and new insights, ideas and perspectives to help an organisation succeed. The evidence is that businesses that support and invest in their employees are more profitable, add more value, and are better respected.

Excellent employment practice also helps Greater Manchester succeed. The opportunity to progress through secure and fulfilling work brings health as well as financial benefits. Higher pay reduces poverty and the social deprivation which it brings. It gives young people hope and confidence that Greater Manchester offers them the opportunity to succeed.

Suggested Actions

The Charter (opens in a new tab) is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme, which aims to elevate employment standards in Greater Manchester (GM). Guidance for reopening the workplace with Good Employment in mind, including government guiding principles, essential resources and support from partner organisations.

It is built around the following themes:

  • Secure work -Research by Citizen’s Advice (CA) suggests some four and a half million people in England and Wales are in insecure work. Their work states that over 2.3 million people are working variable shift patterns, with an additional 1.1 million people on temporary contracts and further 800,000 are on zero hour or agency contracts.
  • Real Living Wage - According to the Living Wage Foundation, 93% of companies reported they had gained as a business after becoming a Real living wage employer (opens in a new tab).
  • Inclusive recruitment - Employers that have fair and flexible working and recruitment practices are more productive, and more innovative. For further recruitment support post Covid-19 visit Employ GM (opens in a new tab)
  • Employee health and wellbeing - The mental and physical wellbeing of Greater Manchester’s workforce is fundamental to the development of good employment across the city region.
  • Flexible work - While the statutory right to request flexible working may have helped make flexible working a familiar phrase within workplaces, flexible working arrangements have been an option in many employment sectors for a long time, helping employers meet the changing needs of their customers and their staff. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, flexible working can be the norm, but must we well managed.
  • Engagement and voice - Workforce engagement and voice is an important aspect of good employment. Employee voice is seen to have a central role in improving productivity, in tackling insecurity and in promoting the psychological well-being and job satisfaction of employees.
  • People management - Excellent people management is increasingly seen as a vehicle to secure organisational success and is often at the heart of an organisation’s values.

Signposting your employees and volunteers to local housing and financial advice, including access to early help via Citizens Advice Greater Manchester (opens in a new tab).

Further help with improving employee and volunteer wellbeing can also be found through the GM Moving Employers’ Toolkit (opens in a new tab) and the Mental Health at Work Toolkit (opens in a new tab).

Support your employees to share and learn about issues which may help them personally such as:

Promote diversity and tackle potential bias (opens in a new tab) or discrimination in the workplace.